Give your teams the tools to communicate and collaborate simply and effectively.

In a converging digital world, trust our years of experience of the old and the new to seamlessly connect your teams. Make them more efficient, productive and motivated through the latest in Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions.

Application Integration

Seamlessly integrate your communications systems with your devices and business apps.

Instant Messaging, Presence & Collaboration Tools

Connect individuals or groups in real time via IM enables your employees to participate and contribute as they wish, without being distracted from their current tasks. At the same time, misunderstandings in oral communication are also eliminated and the narrative can also be archived for future reference.

Voice, Unified Messaging, Video

Transform your communications with the latest in Voice, Messaging and Video technology.

The Benefits of Ridgewall's solutions to Your Business

  • Enable your teams to communicate and collaborate easily
  • Information at their fingertips to make informed, speedy decisions on any device
  • Provide the best working environment for motivated people
  • Boost your profits with a more productive workforce
  • Implement an extra layer of security and governance
  • Make the most of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD)