Develop the knowledge and skills your team needs to profit from today’s technology-driven business economy.

Ridgewall can position your team for success by helping them optimise systems and embrace technology challenges. We offer a full range of training courses for business people, IT leaders, teams and individual administrators.

Our courses cover Ridgewall servers, storage and networking systems as well as third-party solutions from Cisco and Microsoft. Ridgewall systems management courses develop best practice knowledge in ITIL and related practices.

Why Invest in Training?

Your employees need regular training to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies. Invest in tailored training at the beginning of the project lifecycle to give your employees the skills they need while reducing your cost and risk.

Why Work with Us?

Ridgewall will train your employees using real equipment and systems environments to model actual business scenarios. Our industry-leading instructors have full access to the developers who drive technology innovation. We train thousands of IT and business professionals annually.

Maximise Your Software Investment

40% of purchased software is underutilised. Strategic investment in software education and training empowers your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to close this gap. Ridgewall delivers business value workshops and certification programmes in areas that include ITSM, ALM, Cloud Automation, SaaS and IT Training Services.