Within the Hospitality industry, the quality of the service provided is of paramount importance.

Technology infrastructure has started to play an increasingly pivotal role in how these services are delivered and every part of a successful guest experience is dependent upon it.

Whether it be the smooth running of your back-office systems or the faultless delivery of the latest client facing products and solutions, Ridgewall has a proven track record in delivering bespoke products and services within the hospitality sector providing the maximum possible return on client investment. All of the services provided are tailored to the particular organisation for the benefit of the employees and guests.

As technology developments continue at a relentless pace, it can be difficult for hotels, restaurants, leisure providers and those in hospitality to keep up with recent changes, let alone look to the future. However, the savings and improvements that technology can deliver ensure managers and directors really need to keep one eye on the following trends.


Software delivered as a service, rather than held on premise is already a mainstream technology topic and despite being a new concept in the hospitality sector, it is already big news at Ridgewall. We estimate around 85% of the queries we see from hospitality companies and hotels include a serious look at cloud.


Mobile is the new face of computing as devices such as tablets and smartphones revolutionise the way we interact with technology. Hospitality is no exception to this revolution, in some cases leading the way. Speak to Ridgewall to discuss an action plan.


Social media has had a profound impact upon the hospitality industry. Trip Advisor has become one of the main sources of information for people researching holidays, hotels and leisure facilities. Meanwhile, newer social tools like Facebook or Twitter are quickly becoming just as influential. Speak to Ridgewall about how you can track your organisation's reference on social media and how you can use social media as a channel to communicate better with your guests.

Personalised systems

Customers expect their experience within a hotel to be totally personalised to them: from the welcome message on the television screen and food preferences to additional services such as personal training or flowers in the room. Ridgewall can help harness technology to deliver these personal touches.


Hotels span many functions - from accommodation and event catering to specialised facilities such as golf or health spas. Each of these areas has, traditionally, operated an individual software system. Whilst this approach has delivered specific functionality, it has also led to silos of information.


The last major trend currently in the hospitality industry is globalisation. In the 21st century, hotel companies will need to adopt different management approaches to survive and develop amidst high levels of economic uncertainty. As international trade and business expand, there is no question that international links will become more important for the hotel industry. This means that the technology systems in use - especially those in large chains - must account for the global perspective.

We work with some of the best thought leaders in hospitality organisations in the world: London based restaurateurs, 5 star hotels and private boutique groups. Our experience is vast and is spread across an in house board of directors who have over 65 years combined experience in the sector. We advise to CEO’s, GM’s and financial managers about their strategies on a daily basis.