The digital workplace extends well beyond the walls of your organisation. You need to deliver rich, secure digital experiences to your customers, partners and employees, no matter where they are or how they connect. Their experience determines how they view your organisation.

Create an Agile Mobile Workforce

Many IT solutions for the workplace were built for stationary environments where challenges like latency, security and unknown form factors didn’t need to be factored into the experience. Nowadays the workplace is on planes, trains and automobiles – wherever you are. It’s a massive challenge to optimise infrastructure, applications and processes to meet exponential demand for digital and mobile solutions.

Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime

The right business outcome results from engaging customers and employees with the right information, in the right place, at the right time. The correct mix of traditional IT, cloud and mobility enables your employees to access the apps and data they need to collaborate and create instant value.

Intelligent Workplace

Your users can be more productive while your costs stay low. Ridgewall's software and service solutions can help you achieve efficient workplace support while improving user satisfaction. Let us help you provide an enhanced user experience through automation, self-service and persona-based support.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

Collaborating around the corner or around the world is easy with Ridgewall's workplace solutions. Know immediately when colleagues are available. Communicate with them, invite others to join the call, share desktops and transfer content seamlessly through a single interface – on any device, from anywhere, at any time. Whether you own it yourself or consume it as a service, we can help you design, build and run the right solution for your business.

The Benefits of Ridgewall's solutions to Your Business

Change is not a recent challenge but the pace and ability to transform your business and work styles has increased beyond all recognition. As work has changed, so must the way we deliver and secure information, both internally and externally to customers and suppliers. To enable and support this new way of doing, Ridgewall has created Workspace, defined in four key areas:

Visual Communications

The design, implementation and management of Video Conferencing and high-impact audio-visual technology.

Universal Communications

Creative, agile and responsive communications – voice and video, enabling collaboration in real time, wherever and whenever required.


Freeing your people, enabling choice and embracing flexible working both for the tech-nurtured generation and the experienced workforce.