Questions to ask an MPS

If you're looking to adopt a Managed Print Service, what are the key questions you should ask a potential partner as part of your vetting process? How can you be sure that your goals align? Here are our suggestions for questions to ask an MPS provider before signing any contract.

1. Will they help you get buy-in?

Making any sort of change is difficult for an organisation. What tools and programmes has the MPS provider used in the past to bring their client’s companies on the journey? How can they help you to build a business case with demonstrable ROI? Ask to talk to some current clients too.

2. How will they determine what you need?

Ask them about the tools, methodologies and approaches they use to quantify what your business requirements are and how they will map the change.

3. How will cost savings by the MPS be tracked?

A good MPS will have a clear and concise method for tracking cost savings pre and post-implementation. This should be across all measurable business functions and easily accessible through a client dashboard. Your MPS partner should be able to assess your current printers, print job volume, and business processes to find ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximise employee productivity.

4. How will the MPS work within your IT infrastructure?

You need to ensure a smooth transition, so how will this new partnership be rolled out across office equipment? Also, consider the benefits of integrating with other systems like Salesforce for less printing. An expert MPS partner can advise on how this can help you record more digitally.

5. How will the MPS services be secured?

Beyond just restricted access printing, ask your potential supplier how will the systems be encrypted to prevent hacking and data theft?

6. How will office, production and marketing print services be managed?

Across your organisation, the Managed Print Service provider needs to look after all three of the pillars of office, production and marketing printing. They are all different, however, and need unique approaches from a provisioning and equipment perspective.

7. How will the MPS help you meet environmental goals?

Ask your potential provider what technology, services, or strategies they will provide to support ongoing sustainability efforts like energy efficiency and print reduction? Do they offer different levels of energy management solutions? Think about the type of reporting you will get and how this is going to help you print less and use energy more wisely. Are the printers top-spec, highly efficient and eco-friendly? All these considerations matter when thinking about hitting eco targets for your business, particularly with energy costs hitting all time high levels.

8. How will toner and supplies be delivered?

Your MPS should offer a ‘just in time’ service. A supply of paper next to your multi-function device should be your only stockpile. Everything else should be delivered as needed.

9. Who is your single point of contact?

One of the most significant grievances we hear about from new clients is how their previous MPS provider would pass an enquiry from one person to another in a call centre with little continuity of communication. A named contact (or contacts) that you can reliably get in touch with, who understands your business and your needs, is a crucial consideration and one that all our clients are delighted with.

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