Why choose a Managed Print Service?

If you're looking to cut costs and streamline your workflows, getting a Managed Print Service can help. But why else should you choose a Managed Print Service? We'll explore that in detail in today's blog.

What is a Managed Print Service

Managed Print Services are programmes offered by print providers to manage your printing devices, including scanners, faxes, and copiers. They enable organisations to improve their efficiency, productivity, and information security, typically by monitoring usage, replacing consumables, and meeting the organisation’s printing needs. And that comes with several benefits that we’ll detail below:

10 Benefits of Managed Print Services

Choose a Managed Print Service if you want to:

#1 Reduce costs
We’ve found that on average, our clients can easily save 10-30% of their total annual printing budget by optimising their most effective devices and introducing print management software, enabling them to take control of their print environment.  That’s often the most compelling reason to make the switch.

#2 Improve print quality
Get access to the best printing tech so when you do print the results are in perfect black and white or colour, and consistent.

#3 Control budgets
With an MPS, you have all the costs rolled into one monthly or quarterly payment figure. This makes it easier for you to manage your budgets and keep spending in line, and predictable.

#4 Offer more
With a new printer, you get better features. Mix high-def printing, copying, capacity and more with business features you need like email to the recipient and cloud integrations with Salesforce, Azure, Sharepoint and more.

#5 Standardise offices
Across your whole estate, ensure that your team has access to the same great printing tools. Now, you won’t have employees fighting over the ‘good printer’ on the exec floor (yes, that still happens).

#6 Automate servicing
With Managed Print Services, your equipment is monitored in near real-time, and any problems are dealt with quickly according to your SLAs. Often, this will happen automatically without admins needing to contact your account management team.

#7 Link invoices
For all your print and provisioning needs, you get a single, consolidated invoice. This covers all your equipment and the third-party suppliers too for a more transparent service.

#8 Print greener
A Managed Print Service helps you print more energy efficiently and reduce your total printing with reports and mindful tools. The fewer unnecessary documents printed, the better it is for our planet and your electricity bill.

#9 Boost productivity
When your employees aren't having to fix the printers every hour or so, they’re getting more of their work done. This increases sales and profits simply by reducing opportunity cost. What could your teams do with that extra hour a week?

#10 Improve retention
Employees will actually quit over bad tech. That’s true. It negatively impacts work quality and frustrates your team. But with a Managed Print Service you will ensure that printing isn’t one of those negative factors.

Ready to bring a Managed Print Service into your environment? Our team can help you scope the right package for your needs and customise the benefits to your office.

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