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When you invest in a Managed Print Service from Rdigewall the benefits start to become increasingly clear. We’ll highlight some of the core ones below:

  • Improve efficiency
    With a Managed Print Service, the administrative time of running printing operations for your company is drastically reduced. With managed print services, your printer sends an automatic notification to the manufacturer, telling them to send out more toner before it even runs out – no need to put in an order yourself. Also, with consolidated invoicing, there’s no need to assimilate printer costs to get an idea of the true cost per month. Everything is broken down in a monthly usage report which reduces the amount of accounting time that needs to be spent on printer costs. This means your office management team can spend their time on more useful tasks instead.
  • Reduce overheads
    Using a Managed Print Service can cut your costs over the long term as you’re not buying more than you need. Your MPS partner will provide everything including software, hardware, network management, IT support, printer supplies, print-network estimation, and optimisation, as well as hardware replacement and optimisation. In short, all your printer costs are covered in one flat-rate monthly charge. Over time, this can greatly decrease printer purchasing and maintenance costs. It is estimated that organisations that use Managed Print Services can cut costs by about 30%. This means you’re not buying toner or paper in bulk trying to get a good cost per unit either.
  • Boost morale
    Your team just needs things to work smoothly. And printers can be a huge frustration when they fail to do their job. Team members quickly become dissatisfied if they have to work in an environment where the technology doesn’t work properly. So, one way to make sure you maintain employee morale and keep them working at maximum capacity is to invest in a Managed Print Service. That way, every time they go to print a document, the machine works smoothly.
  • Go green
    Managed Print Services also help you print less. MPS considers print, people, and technology costs as well as regulatory requirements to analyse the business value of digitalised workflows. A printing partner will track the flow of interactions between different business units and user communities to identify ways to remove printing, paper, and complexity. Knowing who and why documents are being printed can help your organisation challenge its ways of working for a greener future. Over time, you’re reducing your paper waste and deforestation by just printing fewer documents.
  • Improve productivity
    For every minute that your employees spend trying to fix a printer instead of doing their jobs, you’re losing money. Let’s say they spend 20 minutes a week fussing with the printer. How many sales could they have won with that extra hour of focused work? One of the many benefits of Managed Print Services is that they keep your other team members from wasting time on printer repairs.
  • Decrease capex
    You just don’t need to buy your printers outright anymore. Finding the money to buy one or more multi-functional photocopiers is a real challenge, both for new businesses operating on a limited income and for established businesses trying to manage cash flow effectively. Managed Print Services can overcome this through a range of printer leasing options that reduce the initial cost, spreading it across several years and allowing you to budget far better. The same goes for updating legacy machines to protect your printing efficiency. You can do all this with a Managed Print Service instead of taking a huge hit to your cash flow on outright purchases.
  • Encourage flexibility
    An MPS scales with you. As your company grows, you can increase the number of printers and copiers on site to manage the demand. If you move to hybrid or remote working, you can scale that back down. Managed Print Services put the control into your hands and prevent you from having to offload resources if you bought more than you needed for the size of your operation. This goes for all the elements an MPS provides from physical printers to supplies of toner, ink, and paper.
  • Tighten security
    Many businesses need tight control over their data security. A secure printing mode gives you the flexibility to send numerous items to the print queue, secure them via the use of a swipe card or pin code, and ensure that they are available to print only by you when you are ready. This is great for everything from securing employee records for HR reviews to keeping customer payment invoices safe. They also allow one person to be responsible for that physical media; and should it end up in the wrong hands, it makes an investigation into the cause more viable.
  • More printer uptime
    Maintaining individual devices one at a time is costlier than having an automated, cloud-based system for doing so at scale. And it also means that you’re more likely to catch problems before they take your printing capability down. If your business needs printing to function invoicing etc, then you can’t really afford for your printing system to break due to poor maintenance or lack of supplies. A Managed Print Service helps you avoid this issue altogether by ensuring business continuity through printer monitoring.
  • Better consumer confidence
    You want your clients and customers to feel good about working with you. And part of showing yourself to be reliable and professional is having equipment that works. Your clients want a seamless interaction where product documentation, receipts and quotes are provided in seconds on high-quality paper when they can’t be delivered digitally

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