Our print management solutions offers you a more efficient way to handle your printing requirements and managing documents in your organisation. We drive down cost, increase efficiency and productivity.

Ridgewall has over 200 managed print clients at present throughout the UK and EMEA. In our experience print, photocopying, scanning, document management and the security around these solutions within organisations are not usually managed efficiently. This often results in loss of employee productivity costs spiralling out of control, administrative errors, bad workflow, poor service and the equipment becoming not fit for purpose. We resolve all of these key areas of concern in one managed service.

Our SLA's are bespoke to each client, they do however include as a minimum replenishment of consumables, parts, toner, technical support both help desk or onsite and training throughout the term of the agreement. We have a very hands on approach and weekly preventative maintenance schedules are a large part of our service ensuring our standard 2 hour call out or 4 hour fix service is sustainable nationwide. Preventative work ensures fewer emergency call outs are placed during working hours. The weekly preventative maintenance and bespoke SLA's are unique in our industry. We have 4 offices nationwide and we operate 24hrs x 365 in order to deliver the quality service our customer have become to rely on.

The benefits of a Ridgewall's Print Management services include

  • Total flexibility required in the agreements to upgrade and downgrade at any point without penalisation or extending the agreement.
  • 0% interest agreements and operating leases with 20% Residual values
  • Accurate automated billing across the estate.
  • Approved by Canon Kyocera HP and Ricoh
  • Specialisation in Equitrac, Papercut, Print Audit Kyofleet manager, planet press
  • Specialisation in canon Iris scanning solutions.
  • Specialisation in document management with Canon, HP Kyocera and Ricoh
  • 2 hour call out or 4 hour fix
  • Proven automated management software managed by Ridgewall throughout the agreement to collate volumes of devices, toner coverage and dispatch, errors when they occur and to give management reporting.
  • Preventative maintenance parts to be kept on site.
  • High Toner stock to be kept at your organisations location.
  • Engineering resource; Ridgewall have 1 engineer per 70 MFD's in the field compared with manufacturers who have between 160-220 mfd's per engineer.
  • NO MINIMUM BILLING. Billed either monthly or quarterly in arrears.
  • 24 hrs 365 helpdesk supporting all of your Managed print nationwide
  • Quarterly onsite reviews.
  • Firmware upgrades given free of charge.
  • Environment savings highlighted on a monthly basis. Smaller environmental footprint as well as reducing waste
  • No third party engineering
  • Unique exchange plan of devices including MFD's on all equipment is guaranteed for the duration of any service or lease agreement.

Ridgewall Print Management takes a whole-organisation approach to managing print and managing documents.

The aim is to provide for the varying specific print requirements and security of your staff and departments as cost effectively as possible. We engineer out as many printing jobs as possible during our audit process and we specialise in reducing workflow by either changing policy within the company or by utilising the feature rich software and hardware. We then manage all of this on your behalf.

The process we have considers every aspect of your printing requirements by user, department and the organisation as a whole. We take care of everything printer-related or document-related for you.

The perfect fit for your business

If your business currently uses more than five printers, or prints more than 5000 pages per month, you will benefit from outsourcing your print management to Ridgewall.

We view an MFD or print software solution the same way as we view an a server or pc issue. We can provide a complete solution to your printing and document requirements in one easy to managed agreement.